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I’m so excited to be sharing the ultimate meal-prep for moms! YES, MOMS. You can make it for yourself, or for someone you know. They will bless you all day! Being a mom is probably one, if not, the hardest job in the world. And oftentimes, especially right after giving birth, preparing food, and specifically snacks is something that is extremely hard to get to! Sleepless nights, fussy baby, nursing on demand and changing diapers all-day leaves you in a stage of survival mode. And the one thing that might give you some boost of energy, is a good, nourishing, filling, and guilt-free snack!



As a mom of 5, I have learned that snack meal-prep is no less than life-saving!

These little energy-packed food were my fule and still are to this day. The key though is to spend less time in the kitchen and yet be able to prepare a few kinds that will last for a week or two.

Therefore, I have created this extremely easy and helpful snack meal-prep, so you too can master the ability to eat healthy, without spending too much time in the kitchen.


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This easy vegan snack meal- prep you’ll learn how to make:


You really don’t have to regret eating snacks, if you know what’s in them, and what good they do for your body.

And in order to make your life so much easier, I have created a free downloadable PDF for you, so you can master this snack meal-prep like a pro!


Send me an email to info@batelskitchen and I will send you the free PDF.



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Breakfast or snack time could really become one of your most enjoyable times of the day, if you plan ahead, or if you wanted to make someone else’s life more  practical.


I would love to hear your thoughts!


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Send an email to info@batelskitchen and I will send you the free PDF.


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