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Batel's Kitchen Healthy Meal Ideas. Batel's Kitchen, a food and recipe blog for healthy eating, provides a wide range of nutritious recipes and helpful culinary tips for individuals and families.

Hi there. My name is Bat-El Gershowitz. I'm a mother of twin boys, a 3 years old girl, and a brand new newborn. I'm a  wife, and an absolute food lover. Since a very young age, maybe 8 years old, I remember going into my mom's kitchen looking to find out how I could help and more importantly, what I could eat? In elementary school, high school and even in college everyone knew that in my backpack they would be able to find something to eat. I never leave the house without either eating or taking breakfast. I'm thankful for this valuable habit which I took from my parents home and it is something that I practice with my kids everyday.

I was born and raised in Israel and grow up keeping Kosher. That means that I do not cook or eat meat and milk together. My overall style of food is Middle Eastern. A big part of my cooking style is influenced by my dear mom who is an amazing cook. Simplicity is her key.  I have a U.S college degree in Finance. Followed by an unfinished masters degree in Marketing. I was all about the business world and I truly enjoyed the privilege to learn real life matters. I love educating myself and I have many hobbies such as art, painting, interior design, exercising, and more… but as much as I enjoy them I always find myself returning to my most NATURAL, peaceful, and comfortable place in the world, the kitchen! I love experimenting with food and learning about new cultures and places in the world, how they eat, and why it’s unique to them. I cook almost every day for dinner and I have a fetish for beautiful dishes; (I think I need a bigger kitchen) especially white ones since it has a clean and elegant look.

As the years go by, I find myself extremely interested in a healthy lifestyle, especially when I feed my 3 year old twins. I do not have a sweet tooth but I love, love, love meat. However, ever since I learned about how animals are fed and treated and what an impact it has on our body when we consume too much of it, I'm down to cooking meat or chicken only once a week. (Which makes me utilize my creativity on vegetarian and vegan-satisfying meals on a daily basis.)

I grew up in the Middle East and the delicious food that I know from back home is not vegetarian and certainly not vegan. I grew up eating lots of spicy dishes. Moroccan fish every Friday night and BBQ is an excuse for every celebration. In this blog, you will find many known simple dishes that are transformed to a healthy version, so filling and satisfying that they will make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. A big part of my dishes are based on nutritional vegetables with good sources of protein and fiber, great for after a workout and good-for-you in general. I’m not a chef or diet consultant. However, over the years, I’ve been reading and educating myself a lot about healthier food. Hope you will find this site enjoyable, inspiring, helpful and most importantly, joyful.

Truly yours,