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Eggless Possibilities

We are happy to launch the very special guide for every vegan beginner!

It is finally here! The one and only vegan cookbook ever created which will give you unique techniques, secrets, and powerful knowledge of how to bind anything you want, the easy and healthy way!

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Presenting Ordinary To Extraordinary Gourmet

  • Dvory
    Bat-El my dear! I have no words to express my deep appreciation and I wish I would be able to express even half of your values as a person. Ambition, compassion, consistent, love for the others, and your good heart and soul. You are a star in so many other kitchens! Your recipes are easy, clear and so delicious! It is so amazing to see your healthy creations that are so so tasty! Measurements are always on point! I recommend anyone to go ahead and try, I promise you'll love the results. Bat-El, thank you for being part of my life, I can't thank you enough! You are truly a light for the world! Love you so so much! Dvory
  • Dvora Leah Felberman
    Dear Bat-El I learn from your website so much! It showed me that cooking healthy is something I can do too... you made it simple with your clear instructions and by using available products always found in my kitchen!!! I definitely like the change in my eating habits!!! Looking forward for more creative ideas of yours!! Dvora Leah Felberman❤
    Dvora Leah Felberman
  • Nir
    So glad that 2017 was good to you. And that your recipes, blog and soon to be published E books are the successes you envisioned. * Nir *
  • Shelly
    You must know Bat El I Have already recommended you to friends aiming to go sami vegan 😃 So glad I found you! Shelly
  • Dina M.
    Wow Bat El - I love your recipes – so many that are easy to make for people without having to go on a ingredient search all over to various stores with some others that do have more exotic ingredients for fun. I love to cook and I enjoy your recipes. Cheers to a rockin 2018! - Dina M.
    Dina M.
  • Michalle
    Wow! What a great year for you! I know I just discovered your blog and fantastic recipes in the last few months. I may account for like 100 hits to your website Seriously, love love love your Vegan creative recipes and tell everyone about it. And now you have blown my mind again with yet another amazing dessert ❤ Hugs and keep up the good work - Michalle
  • Miriam
    Thank you so much, Bat-El Thanks to the likes of you, I believe the vegan movement is really happening and you are truly doing all you can to help! God Bless
  • Ester Sharon
    I really enjoyed visiting your beautifully designed site and cooking some of your scrumptious, plant-based foods. I am always struck by your humility about your success. Carry on, carrying on and may 2018 bring with it more success in the world of plant-based eating and veganism. Take care.❤
    Ester Sharon
  • Talya Sharon
    Bat El, I just found your site and cannot thank you enough – I’m sure you love what you do, but it’s so much appreciated by people like myself who are just learning ‘how’ to eat vegan (which I find so crazy, since it’s the way we were created to eat… I guess it’s the just the way the world has gone that it seems “weird” to some people. Anyways I digress, lol); I am starting to learn recipes, and it’s blogs like yours that are SO incredibly helpful in this journey, so thank you, truly!
    Talya Sharon
  • I am so grateful! I have the honor to know you. Bat-El you Seriously Changed and Inspire my life! It is because of your Amazing, Healthy, and Tasty food that I have truly learned how to COOK  ENJOYABLY and feel confident presenting every meal with beauty to my family. I love how easy your recipes are, and I can prepared these dishes very quickly with common ingredients that I usually have at home. For a person like me who is a very busy mom,  your beautiful photos and step by step instructions have been so helpful. Thank you, thank you for coming in to my kitchen and to my family's table.. You are a Class Act!! Kelly Esther Very busy mom.
    Kelly Esther
  • Bat-El, I'm amazed by your creativity and ability to invent magical dishes that suits every person- even vegans and vegetarians!
    M. Isseroff


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