Stove Cooked Moroccan Fish

There are many ways to cook Moroccan fish and this is my all time favorite one.  The ultimate rich sauce is divine. All you need is a good Challa to dip into the sauce and you will find yourself going for second round.


  • In a wide pot heat up ¼ cup oil and add the red pepper and carrots.  Mix every few minutes until peppers are golden around 6-10 min.  Add the jalapeno, drained chickpeas and garlic and mix for two more minutes and turn off the flame.  

  • Arrange the fish side by side and insert the sliced lemon in-between the fillets.

  • Prepare the seasoned oil: To the ¾ cup of oil add the salt, pepper, paprika and turmeric. With a spoon mix very well and coat each piece of fish. Sprinkle the chopped cilantro throughout the pot.   Fill the empty oil cup with water and mix to get the remaining spices. Pour the cup and add half more water. Total of 1 ½ cups.  

  • Turn on the fire and bring to a boil covered. After it has boiled, lower the flame and cook for 30 minutes. Now take a spoon and start coating the fillets with the sauce. Leave uncovered and cook until all water has evaporated and you are left with a rich oil sauce.

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