Spiralized Zucchini Pasta

Who doesn't love pasta?  Many people are trying to find pasta alternatives due to medical reasons or just to watch their diet. This amazing gluten free spiralized zucchini is as comforting and as delicious as a regular wheat pasta. The texture is a little crunchy and the sauce is divine. The good news is that you won't be afraid to go for seconds.


1) Spiralize the zucchini and place on a clean kitchen towel to absorb the liquids while you're making the sauce.

2) Heat up the oil in a wide skillet. Place the fresh basil leaves in the skillet and mix for few seconds.

3) Add the garlic and red onion and constantly mix until golden.

4) Add the diced tomatoes, sprinkle salt and pepper and cook on medium-low heat for few minutes. Check for flavors.

5) In another wide nonstick skillet place 2 Tbsp olive oil.  Add 1 garlic clove for flavor (you can toss it later) Once hot add the spirilized zucchini and carefully move it around. Sprinkle some black pepper.  You just want to warm it through as opposed to cooking it. The texture should remain crunchy.  After 2 minutes or so place the pasta in a plate and add the sauce on top. Sprinkle some fresh basil leaves.


If you do not have a spiralizer at home and you do have a good mandolin that can cut thin strip you will get the same results.






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  1. Mendy g says:

    Perfect 10/10

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