Sliced Potatoes on a Bed of Arugula Salad

I love arugula!  It is fancy, elegant and really really yummy!  This salad is great for lunch as it has good carbs to get you energized through the rest of the day.  You may add any of your favorite protein (I like to add baked salmon) and serve it on a big platter family style. 


    1. Cook or bake the potatoes until fork tender and let cool to room temperature and slice.
    2. On a plate, or a mixing bowl prepare the base for the salad with the tomato, onion and radish.
    3. Combine all the dressing ingredients and mix really well with a whisk.  (I like to mix it in my small ninja cup or a small food processor).
    4. To assemble the salad:  Place the arugula and veggies on a plate, drizzle some of the dressing, arrange the sliced potatoes and drizzle some more dressing.  Garnish with some toasted seeds.   



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