Perfectly Cooked Basmati Brown Rice

Many people find it challenging to cook brown rice.  How much water?  How much time? etc. There are many ways and techniques. With this recipe you will find it so easy and surprisingly delicious even for those who claim that healthy food is not tasty. Just follow the directions and it will become one of your favorites.


 1). Measure 2 cups of brown rice and place in a glass or metal bowl.  Pour the 4 cups of boiling water, cover with a plastic wrap so the steam stays in and let sit for exactly 25 minutes. After 25 minutes: drain, wash and let sit for 2-5 minutes so the rice is not too wet.


2). Heat up oil in a pot, carefully transfer the rice, stir, add salt and pepper and mix for about 2 minutes so all the rice is coated with the oil.

3). Pour the boiling water. Be careful of potential splashing, stir, check for salt and pepper, bring to a boil and immediately lower to the lowest and smallest flame in your stove. Cover and cook for exactly 45 minutes.  (Use a timer and don’t pick at it.)

 4). After 45 minutes leave the pot closed for another 10 minutes. Only then, open and fluff with a fork.


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