Mushroom Shawarma Hummus Bowl

You'll never look at Hummus again after you make this one!!!
Jerusalem style Hummus Shawarma Bowl. But with mushrooms! So impressive!
Beyond delicious. It is a whole meal by itself. Filling, satisfying, and loaded with warm spices and textures. 
If you make it when you host, you'll be absolutely thrilled with the number of compliments you'll get!


Heat up oil in a pan. Add the onions and mushrooms and sauté until slightly golden. Add the chickpeas, mix, season with the spices, and continue mixing until you get a beautiful color. About 3 minutes or so. Sprinkle fresh parsley or cilantro.


To plate:

Into a bowl or plate, spread some homemade hummus and create a well in the middle by pushing the spread outwards with a spoon.  Then top the middle with a generous amount of the mushroom shawarma and drizzle with some good olive oil.

Garnish the plate with paprika, cumin, and more fresh parsley.

Enjoy with some fresh pita or baguette.














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