Most Delicious Baked Sweet Potato Halves
This side dish is literally nature's candy. I love using organic sweet potatoes because I find them much sweeter and creamier. And once you try, you never go back. The color and texture are different too. The beauty of this dish is all about the caramelization of spices that marry with the natural sugars that release from the potatoes during the roasting process. The bottom layer gets crispy, soft, chewy, crunchy, caramelized, and to sum it in one word, irresistible! It is light, healthy, and so impressive. And the best part is that kids love it too. This is a total win win.

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Preheat oven to 400 F.

1). Place the cut potatoes on a parchment-lined baking sheet. (Skin side down)

2). Drizzle oil, sprinkle the spices, then flip, and move them around so the oil and spices get all mix together.

3). Flip back, now the potatoes should be skin-side up! Place in the oven, uncovered, and bake/ roast for about 30 minutes until the potato are soft, and the bottom is golden brown!!!!



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  1. Ros Esterson says:

    Love your recipes they always look so colourful and appetising

  2. Carolyn Zhennis says:

    Thank you so much.

  3. Zelda Fine says:

    Everything looks so yummy

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