Moroccan Style Burgers

I love love love burgers! I don’t eat or make them that often, but when I do, I’m on a different planet! The combination of the beef juices and the bun with the tomato, onion and the sauce… hoo my.  Defiantly indulgence for me.  I love the plain American burger where nothing is added to the beef except salt and pepper.  But with my Middle Eastern background I had to play with the flavors and create something as close as possible to my home.  Let me tell you… this is so delicious and if you make it for a crowd everyone would be so pleased and asking for more.


1). Place the beef in a bowl and add all the ingredients and mix.


2). Shape 4 burger patties and place on a tray.


3). Heat up the oil in a nonstick skillet and fry 2 burgers at a time about 4 minutes each side. Depending on how done you like it cooked.


4). Transfer to a plate, and cover until the rest are ready.


5). Toast the burger bun for few minutes, spread some spicy mayo (or your favored sauce) and assemble your burger with your favorite condiments.



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