Healthy Almond Pulp Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Making almond milk at home is a wonderful thing. But what am I supposed to do with all the almond pulp that is sitting in my freezer? Does peanut butter and chocolate almond bars sound good to your ears?  I have made so many of these. I always have them in my freezer ready to eat. They are so delicious. Perfect for a healthy  breakfast snack. Don't throw away your almond pulp. Give these a try. You will love them.


1). Mix all the dry ingredients in the bowl. Add the honey and flax mixture and the peanut butter. Mix well and transfer to a 10 X 15 cookie sheet tray lined with parchment paper.  (The 18X26 is a little too big. So you can use only ¾ size of it)

2). With wet hands (or wet rolling pin) press the mixture evenly and bake for 28-32 min. Until golden.

3). Take out, let cool for at least one hour!

4). Cut into bars with a sharp wet knife and drizzle with melted chocolate chips. Freeze the whole tray, and after 2 hours put in a box or Ziploc bag. Keep in the freezer. No need to warm up. It’s perfect after 2 minutes.


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