Earthy Wintry Green Lentil Soup

I love it when my husband asks what’s for dinner tonight and I simply reply with my confident yet soft voice “we have a delicious soup today”.  You know what’s coming, right? “But only a soup!???”  He asks disappointed as if he is going to starve until tomorrow morning! And then I tell him as always: “let me serve you a bowl and if you’ll still be hungry ill make you pasta or something”. Sounds fair, right?! I’m sitting next to him, not talking, just looking, and then the smile comes and he says: “is any there more left?  This is so delicious!”.  

At the end of the dinner, we are talking about 3 bowls of this earthy, hearty, filling and satisfying soup!  I love using basic ingredients and turning them into a MEAL that fits the whole family, kids, and adults at the same time.   Just to be on the clear side now: Soup is totally a meal by itself.  You can always add bread if you’d like.  I did not need to cook anything else that night. This soup is full of iron and protein. Try it for yourself.


1). Soak the lentils in a bowl of water 1-8 hours.  Drain and rinse very well.

2). In a pressure cooker place the chopped onions, celery, and carrots. Mix with the oil and stir until golden.  It takes about 3-4 minutes.

3). Add the spices.  Mix for few seconds.

4). Add the lentils and mix.

5 ). Add water until everything is covered. (About  1 1/2 inch above the lentils.)   Close well, bring to a boil. Put a timer, and cook for 35 minutes.


This soup was made in a pressure cooker. If not using a pressure cooker, cook in a regular deep pot and stir every 15 minutes until everything is very soft and smooth.








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