It happens to the best of us! I too crave some junk food once in a while. But I’m never too worried when it happens. Because I simply go and make it myself in my very own kitchen! And what is so great about it you ask?!  Simply the fact that I know EXACTLY what’s in it. I know what kind of oil I use, I know how many veggies I want to put, I choose if it’s baked or fried, and I totally control the salt and sugar levels. So what could be so so bad about it? I call it “homemade healthy-junk food”.  And I love it.

So as you may know, eggrolls are usually fried. Stuffed with green cabbage and carrots, or ground meat I believe. Like I always do, I use what I have on hand, and make it as useful as possible. What I had today was purple cabbage instead of green. It came out so colorful and really delicious. Hope you give it a try!



Preheat oven to 420 F.

1). Heat up oil in a wide skillet. Add the garlic and ginger and mix for about 30-50 seconds. Add the cabbage and carrots and mix well. Let cook for about  5 minutes to allow softening a bit. Add the soy or teriyaki sauce and sprinkle some black pepper. Turn of the heat and let cool a bit.

2). Prepare a small bowl with water to dip your hands into when making the eggrolls.

3). Prepare a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and oil spray for using later.

4). Once the veggies are nice and cool, open the eggroll wrapper package and take one sheet.

5). Place it like a diamond on a clean dry surface. Take one tablespoon from the cooked cabbage mixture and place on the lower edge of the wrapper. (Make sure not to use any of the cooking liquids)

6). Dip your finger (or brush) into the water bowl and run it on the top edges of the eggroll wrapper. This will help stick it all together when folding.

7). To fold:  Think of it as an envelope. Start from folding the bottom edge upwards, and then the two other sides to the middle. Eventually, roll it to the top and place it on the parchment paper seam side down.

8). Repeat this process until all eggrolls are done.

9). Spray a nice even coating of oil on the eggrolls and place in a preheated oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes total. After 10 minutes of the baking process flip with two forks and continue baking until golden and crunchy!

Note: If you fill like frying some of them, use a very shallow amount of oil in a wide pan and cook on medium heat until golden brown. These don’t need to be deep-fried.


  • If you dont have fresh ginger, use 1 full tsp of ginger powder. 











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