With This Wonderful Tip You’ll Always Have Fresh Ginger In The House

As a person who loves cooking, I can not afford to have a missing ingredient such as ginger!

Ginger is something I cook with but more importantly, it is something I consume daily. Whether it is in my tea or detox water.

Many times a recipe calls for ginger and I believe that as opposed to the dry powder, fresh is best!

One of the things  I love doing is to always have things in the freezer so that I can have it available at any given time!


How do I do that? SIMPLE!

First I buy about 3-4 ginger roots,

I peel it with a spoon,

the peel comes right out very easily.

I wash with little water.

Then, I slice the ginger on a cutting board.

Arrange on a pan…

And place in the freezer for 30 minutes!

Now here is the best part! 

Once it is frozen it won’t STICK to one another.

Immediately transfer to a freezer ziplock bag or plastic container

And quickly place back in the freezer!

Now, any time that you need a fresh ginger you’ve got it!

The bonus is that it is good for grating as well.

Put it in your tea,

In your water,

In your food!




Slice the ginger on a cutting board..



Arrange on a pan…  And place in the freezer for 30 minutes.




Enjoy it every day!


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