Welcome Sukkot with This Beautiful Four Minim Challah Shape


When baking a challah, shaping the dough is of the things that excite me the most! I have an opportunity to apply the theme of whatever event or holiday it may be in just a few simple steps. This four minim challah is completely a winner in the month of Tishri. I love taking the time (which I don’t have!!!) and create a masterpiece for my table. It draws so much joy and attention which makes everyone so excited to try it already!

All you have to do is create 3 standard THIN challah braids in different lengths/ hights,

One  long thin “baguette” which will be the lulav,

One small oval bun for the esrog,

And one LONG braid of 2 for the bottom of the 4 minim – to help bind all of them together!

That’s it! Really simple and easy, yet impressive and inviting!!!

Make your favorite dough, I used my all-time best recipe.

If you are going to make it don’t forget to tag me/ batelskitchen so I can see YOUR masterpiece  :-)!!!

Wishing you an amazing holiday, full of joy and delicious food.

Chag Samech,











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