Year Round BEST Baked Sweet Potato Patties+ Great for Hanukkah

I absolutely love sweet potatoes. One of the best carbs to consume on daily basis. These patties are wonderful next to a salad or to send with your kids to school. They are also great for Hannukaha! And these are baked; so you don't have to deal with the oil.  Soon they will be your favorite too. Make sure you have tahini sauce ready.


1) Cook the potatoes with lots of water until fork tender. Cool, peal and smash into a bowl.

 2) Heat up a pan with olive oil and saut’e the chopped onion until golden brown and add to the mashed potatoes.  

 3) Add  salt, pepper, onion powder and red lentil flour/ eggs. 

 4) Mix all together, wet your hands and shape small or medium puffy patties. Place on an oiled parchment paper, spray some oil on top and place in a preheated 400 degrees oven for 25-30 minutes. ( NOTE: They are cooked even if they don’t get golden brown, this way they are more moist).

  • Once you take them out of the oven allow to rest for at least 10 minutes to harden.
  • Served best with tahini sauce!


How to make your own lentil flour?

There are 2 kinds of red lentils. You want to get the very small and little ones. I get the organic kind from Whole Foods Market.  Measure your lentils in a cup, place in your coffee grinder or your smoothie/ shake cup ( I use Ninja) and blend until you get a very fine powder. ( The other kind of red lentils, the bigger ones, will be  too grainy, so better to avoid that).  You can also use chickpea flour, but the flavor is more dominate)



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