Weight Loss and Time Saving Tip on Chopping Your Salad

Including a salad in each of our meals is beyond important!

Our body needs all the benefits and fiber from our fresh vegetables to function nice and healthy. But let’s be honest and face it! It is not always easy to commit to chopping a fresh salad every single day! We are in a rush, tired, busy, hungry, exhausted, overwhelmed… and so much more.

So here is what I do to save time on chopping my salad, and I’m happy to share it with you today!  This simple step basically changed my life!

Whenever I chop a salad for a meal I make sure to grab few more veggies from the fridge,  like cucumber, radish, and tomatoes which are the basics. I grab another bowl or a glass Pyrex or plastic container and place half of the amount of everything for today and another half for tomorrow. Sometimes even for the following day.


I basically take advantage of the fact that I already have my cutting board out,  my knife and bowl.


So why not spend only a  few more moments and chop some more veggies?! Eating a salad is low in calories, rich in fiber, lower cholesterol and prevent constipation.

Now I have 2  Israeli salad bowls: One for today and one for tomorrow.  The dressing and chopped onions are made just before serving.



I hope you find this tip helpful,

This step can help you stay in shape, eat more raw veggies and simply stay healthier.

And who can say no to a good Israeli salad ???

Stay healthy,


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