Raw Beet Salad

This is a delicious and extremely healthy salad that I make for Friday night dinner pretty often. Beets are one of the best liver cleansing vegetables that improves overall liver function. My mom still cooks or roast the beets and the texture is a little different. But I really love the fact that eating it raw is so crunchy and it almost takes no time to prepare. I do recommend using gloves so your hands stay clean. This is a wonderful simple “Raw Food” example that is full of fresh flavors.


1). Peel and grade the beets in a food processor (or make julienne cut with a mandolin). Transfer to a mixing bowl.  Add the chopped garlic, parsley.


2). Cut the lemon in half and squeeze very well on top of the beets. Add the olive oil, salt pepper and cumin, mix and check if anything is missing.


Serve immediately or cold.

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