Lemon Garlic Kale – Who Would Have Thought That Kale Could Be So Addictive?! Plus A Meal-Prep Idea

Many people have a "love and hate relationship with kale". Would you agree? They want to eat it because it's healthy, but often hate too many things about it. Such as the texture, flavor, or chewiness. But this lemon garlic kale is a game changer! You won't believe how much kale you can actually eat without even trying hard. What if I told you that you'll be looking forward to eating this kale every single day? Yes. I mean it. This easy recipe is packed with flavor and so easy to prepare. So so good that it's perfect for meal prep. Get ready to fall in love.


1). Empty the pre-cut kale into a big bowl. Using your hands or a small knife, remove the stem from the leaves. Then fill up a bowl with salt water and vinegar and soak for 10 minutes to remove any potential sand or bugs. Then wash and drain and set aside on a colander to let all the water drip down while taking care of the rest of the ingredients.

2) Slice the peeled garlic and set aside, then zest the lemon (without the white part), and now we are ready to cook.

3). Heat up a wide-big skillet with olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the garlic and mix, then add the lemon zest and continue mixing until golden brown.

4). Add the drained kale and sprinkle a nice pinch of salt and pepper and carefully mix from the bottom to the top. continue mixing until all the volume of the greens reduces down and all the water from the pan evaporates.

5). If you like it extra lemony, squeeze some lemon on top. Finish it off with freshly crushed black pepper and remove it from the heat.

6). Serve on a bed of warm rice and sprinkle pepper flakes on top.



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