For over a year I would make homemade almond milk for my twin boys. After turning 1 year old it is recommended to give whole milk to help develop the brain.  I didn't feel comfortable giving them cows milk due to the fact that it contains hormones, antibiotics and potentially can cause ear infections. So I have decided to make my very own almond milk! Almond milk is a wonderful source to consume calcium, to increase milk production for nursing mamas, and to add protein to our daily diet. It might sound intimidating but it is really very easy and very delicious. Once you make it your own you will stop buying the one from the store. You know exactly what's in it. The flavor is completely different which means that its real. The best part is that the almond pulp can be added to many other things you make. I add it to my cookies, muffins, smoothies, on top of my oatmeal, OR to my amazing Almond Bars which I will be posting in a few days.



1). Soak 1 cup of raw, unsalted almonds in water over night (6-8 hours). Transfer to a colander and wash very well!

2). Prepare a bowl with a clean cloth.

3). In a good blender pour 3 cups of water and add the washed almonds. Mix on high for a minute and a half or 2.

4). Transfer to the bowl with the cloth and carefully squeeze all the liquids.

5).Transfer the milk to a container and keep in the fridge up to 3-4 days. Mix well each time before use.

6). Warm up in the microwave, add sweetener of your choice.



*Keep the almond pulp in the freezer in zip top bags and make delicious healthy treats with it.

*Double the amounts of quantities if you think you are going to use a lot of it.

Enjoy ❤


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