Healthy & Easy Party Drinks Ideas

One of my challenges as a mon is to go to parties and see kids get exposed to all the sodas and sugary drinks out there! On the other hand, I do understand people if they don’t want to serve just plain water as it might look cheap and uninviting.

For my boys birthday party, I used these 2 beautiful Glass Beverage Dispensers and filed them up with Natural 1- ingredient orange juice and the other one with fresh mint leaves, some squeezed lemon, and ice.

I made sure I have plenty of the orange juice in the kitchen and more water and lemon so can refill any time needed.


Another great point is that you don’t have so many beverage bottles all over the tables!

The drinks and cups are all in one specific place and this way it is easier to keep the party more organized and neat looking.

As a mom, host, friend, it is important for me to show a live example to other parents that it is possible to serve healthier options even at a kid’s party. And on top of everything, if this is the only thing that the kids (and parents) see! In other words, they don’t have a choice but drinking it. And I couldn’t be more proud knowing that no one left my house with a high dose of sugar.

You can do any other drink such as natural apple juice, ground watermelon, or even Ice Tea.

You get the idea:-)

Hope you find this idea helpful.

Stay healthy!

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