I've been making golden milk for years and years now. Especially when our family was growing and sick kids became just part of life. There is no better feeling seeing my 2-year-old child drinking a homemade bottle of cozy and soothing golden milk to help through some rough nights of cough and runny nose. This drink is absolutely magical! It repairs the cells in our body, fights inflammation, is rich in antioxidants, and helps in fighting off diseases, and so so good for our overall health!

What I love about this drink so much is that it is SO EASY TO PREPARE! The flavor is DELICIOUS and it combines other amazing ingredients that are so beneficial for us, such as ginger, cinnamon, and raw honey. ALL IN ONE DRINK. I make this drink at least once a week and keep it in my fridge for up to 5 days. My kids LOVE it, and we simply enjoy it all week long, especially before bedtime, for a cozy and relaxed evening.


1).  Place the milk, ginger, spices, and honey into a blender and blend until very smooth.

2). transfer through a strainer into a bowl or a jar to help get rid of the ginger fiber that was left in the milk.

3). Adjust sweetness, spices, and pour into your cup, or warm-up if you like it more on the hot side. Keep in the fridge up to 5 days.

4). Shake the jar very well before drinking.



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