Garlic & Mushroom Green Beans Recipe You Wont Stop Eating!

There are many ways to cook green beans, but this is by far my most favorite one! These beans are such a wonderful addition to ANY meal you’d make. They are crunchy, garlicky, and LOADED with flavors. The combination of the meaty mushrooms and the texture of the beans goes so well together. Once you make this side dish, you can’t go back.


  • 3 Tbsp  kosher salt
  • 8-10 cups of  tap water
  • 2-pound green beans-washed
  • 1 box  cremini mushrooms, cleaned and quartered
  • 8-10 garlic cloves- sliced
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • Salt
  • Black pepper


1) Fill up a big and wide pot with lots of water and bring it to a boil on high heat.  Add the kosher salt. Wait for lots of bubbles to form.

2).  Only then, carefully add the green beans, and use a  big spoon to make sure they are all submerged in the water. Once the beans and the water are starting to fully bubble, put a  timer for exactly 2 minutes to cook.  This will keep a crunchy texture.

3) Prepare a bowl with iced water and take out the string beans with a spider spoon directly into the cold water. That will stop the cooking process.  It’s called shocking. OR, transfer to a colander and wash under running cold water for a few minutes instead. Set aside. 

4) Peel and slice your garlic thinly, and cut each mushroom into 4.

5). Heat up olive oil in a wide and large skillet, (or the same pot we cooked the beans), place the chopped garlic, and constantly mix for about a minute or less, so they don’t burn. You want to get a nice golden color but not burnt.  Then add the mushrooms and constantly mix, season with salt and pepper to taste. Wait for a nice golden brown color on the mushrooms before you add the beans.

6). Add the drained beans and immediately sprinkle some salt and pepper to season. Add 2 tbsp water to help deglaze the brown bits from the pan.   Mix for about a minute or two until all the water evaporates.  Check for flavor and serve immediately.

Feel free to sprinkle sesame seeds and dry chili flakes.

Things to Keep in Mind While Cooking Garlic And Mushroom Green Beans

Garlic and Mushroom Green Beans is a delectable, healthy side dish that brings together the crunchiness of green beans, the umami flavor of mushrooms, and the tantalizing aroma of garlic. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind while preparing this dish.

Pick Fresh Veggies!

Firstly, the selection of ingredients can significantly impact the overall taste and presentation of your dish. Fresh green beans are a must; they should be brightly colored and firm to the touch, not wilted or browning. Opt for fresh mushrooms as well. Cremini or white button mushrooms are commonly used for their robust flavor and accessibility, but you can explore others like shiitake or porcini for different nuances in taste.

Prepare The Beans and Mushrooms Properly! 

Secondly, preparing the beans is a critical step. Trim the ends off and wash them thoroughly. A crucial aspect to remember is not to overcook the beans. You want to maintain their vibrant green color and crunchy texture. Briefly blanching them in boiling water followed by an immediate cold water bath can help achieve this.

On the other hand, when it comes to mushrooms, they should be sautéed until they release their moisture and become golden brown. This is when their flavor truly shines. Resist the urge to move them around too much as they cook; this allows them to caramelize properly.

Do Not Add Too Much Garlic! 

Next, garlic is not just a flavor enhancer but the soul of this dish. Use fresh cloves, and remember to add them towards the end of the cooking process to prevent them from burning and imparting a bitter taste. It’s essential to balance the quantity as well – you want a pronounced garlic flavor without overpowering the green beans and mushrooms.

Keep it Simple! 

In terms of seasoning, keep it simple. Salt and black pepper should do the trick. A touch of red pepper flakes can also be added for a bit of heat. But if you want to elevate the dish further, a splash of white wine or balsamic vinegar can brighten the flavors beautifully.

Serve It Hot!

Lastly, timing is everything in cooking. You want to serve the dish while it’s hot to enjoy the full spectrum of flavors. If it’s part of a multi-course meal, aim to have your Garlic and Mushroom Green Beans ready just before serving the main course.

Remember, the beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity and the harmony of flavors between the green beans, mushrooms, and garlic. Keeping these considerations in mind can help you cook a Garlic and Mushroom Green Beans dish that is not just a side dish, but a star in its own right.

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