Fava Beans Morrocan Salmon

Fava beans cooked with morrocan fish are beyond a perfect match. The flavors are so deep and rich and the more they cook the softer and creamier they get. Growing up I remember helping my mom peel fresh fava beans for special holidays like Rosh Hashanna or Yom Kippur. Thankfully today they are found in many stores in the frozen section. And they are just as good, just minus the long peeling process.  If fava beans are new to you I strongly encourage you to give this dish a try.


1) Place the fava beans in a wide pot; add the red bell pepper, garlic, jalapeño and tomatoes.

2)  Sprinkle the paprika, turmeric and salt. Add the oil and mix very well until all the ingredients are coated with the spices.

3)  Add the water, and start arranging the fish making sure the pieces are not too close to one another.

4)  With a spoon pour some of the sauce on the fish and generously sprinkle fresh cilantro on top (you may add some more garlic and red bell pepper for color). Shake the pot and bring to a boil.

5)  Once boiled, COVER, reduce the flame almost to the lowest possible and cook until the fava beans are soft.  During the cooking process shake the pot and make sure the fish is coated with the sauce. You may need to do it few times.

6)  Turn off the flame once the sauce is nice and rich and the fava beans are soft and delicious.

Note: It is crucial that you use a fresh fish that was never frozen or it will get dry during the cooking process. Some people like to cook the sauce first and insert the fish 10 minutes before they turn off the fire. I personally don’t do that but you do have the option to cook the fava beans in plain boiling water with some turmeric until they get soft (wash and drain) . And then follow the same steps of making this dish. This is how my mom makes it. Either way works.



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