Eggless Possibilities

It is finally here! The one and only vegan cookbook ever created which will give you unique techniques, secrets, and powerful knowledge of how to bind anything you want, the easy and healthy way!

  • Are you hosting family and don’t know what to serve?
  • Again you take the safe route and go with store bought meatballs?
  • Every vegan recipe looks too complicated to make with ingredients you’ve never even heard of before? How do they make those kind of things?… You ask yourself
  • Afraid to try new recipes because no one else will end up eating it but YOU???
  • Waiting for compliments at the end of the meal, that often don’t come?!

Eggless Possibilities

We are happy to launch the very special guide for every vegan beginner!

What's inside?

❖ This book will teach you techniques of bindings like you’ve never seen before.

❖ This book will provide you with a wide knowledge of how to transition smoothly to the plant-based kitchen

❖ You will learn how to bind food from any ingredient that you desire.

❖ You’ll learn how to meal-plan and freeze food for any occasion.

❖ I will show you step by step how to use the secret ingredient

❖ You will get no less than perfect results every single time

If you want to be the one who is getting all the compliments at the end of the meal, Eggless Possibilities invites you to a mouthwatering experience of a wide platform which you’ll be able to surprise your guests and family members, leaving them speechless, and asking for more, every single time!

Join the club and learn how to make NO FAIL patties, burgers and cookies that holds, looks, and tastes beyond amazing!

All About the Burger

Looking for a guilt free burger that holds perfectly?!

Most vegan burgers are loaded with regular flour and tons of breadcrumbs to hold the texture form falling apart. That defeats the whole purpose of keeping vegan food healthy.

You’ll learn how to make:

  • Sweet potato burger
  • Black bean Portobello burger
  • Revolutionary chickpea burger
  • Moroccan “meat” burger
  • The ultimate veggie burger

All about the Tasty Patties

Looking for food to take to work or simply put in your pita bread?

You’ll learn how to make:

  • Mexican corn patties

  • Potato patties

  • Zucchini patties

  • Cabbage and carrot patties

  • Lentil patties

  • High protein Asian edamame patties

    And many more …

Now Let’s Talk Comfort Food

You’ll learn how to make:

  • Perfect for the holidays festive lentil loaf
  • Moroccan style fish balls in tomato sauce
  • Eggplant schnitzel
  • Baked breaded cauliflower florets

And of course we’ve got some deserts

You’ll learn how to make:

  • Gluten and oil free tahini cookies
  • Gluten and oil free peanut butter cookies
  • Sweet potato chocolate cookies
  • Toddler friendly banana cookies
  • Divine orange muffins

What customers saying...

Hi Bat-El, I’ve been following you for 3 years now and I can’t wait to buy your cook!
Emalia Roth
My daughter is both vegan and gluten intolerant, I know this book will change my life—can’t wait to make here these new recipes.
Dana Green
I’ve been making your recipes for years now and my whole household is in love with the authentic flavors you offer. I’m dreaming about the moment of having your book in my hands
Esther Gold

What does Eggless Possibilities offer that other books don’t?

More information:

1How many recipes are in the book?

Over 50 mouth watering healthy, guilt-free recipes

2Where can I purchase the book?

Straight from the blog or Amazon

3Are there any recipes for kids?

Yes, most of the patties are kid friendly

4Am I going to find recipes for the holidays?

Yes, absolutely!

5Are the recipes complicated?

Not at all!

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