Eat Healthier with This 2018 Best Recipe Collection

I’m happy to share this vegetarian menu to help you plan some of the meals for the upcoming year.

All these recipes are very filling and satisfying. My very own kids enjoy them all year long.





Most delicious spiralized  Zucchini pasta ever!


The healthiest GF tortillas on earth!



Don’t know what to do with quinoa? TRY THIS!

Quinoa with spinach and peppers


Enjoy life with this delicious comforting one pan pasta!


One-pan Mexican quinoa party!



 Any day any time, the soup to save your life!

Split pea goodness!



You really don’t need meat to enjoy this beautiful meal!

Stuffed cabbage and onions


Fall in love if you never made this quinoa in your life!



The best lentil soup on the planet!


Feel in IsraelIsraeli with this Onion & Zaatar Pita meal! 


Quinoa Patties! Healthy and yummy!



Tomato Barley Soup! Will keep you nice and full.




Black Bean Portobello Burger. The best meatless burger ever!


You’ve got to try these Eggplant Boats!!!


Rich Mushroom Burger.


Cauliflower Steak

One of the best vegetarian steaks ever. 


Homemade Falafel. Your family will love that one!



Vegetarian Couscous


 Rich Moroccan Bean Tomato Soup


Addictive Pesto Pizza 


Rice and lentils Mejadra. Feel in Jerusalem. 



Pasta Primavera 


Vegetarian Kubba, a must try!


Easy Red Sauce Pasta for lunch or diner. 


Quinoa with onions and mushrooms.



Brown rice with sprouted lentils Mejadra. My kids favorite! 

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