Easy and Delicious California Sushi Bowl

This colorful and delicious bowl is a great party and big crowd pleaser. Many times we want to serve sushi but don’t have the skills or the time to stand and perfectly roll sushi rolls. The great thing about this  California Sushi Bowl is that you can feed a big amount of people for a very good price so easily with almost no effort at all.  Sounds great right?! Another reason why I love it so much is that I prepare 2 bowls out of this amount so I can always have one ready for the next day or two. The ingredients are all found almost at any store today so nothing is really complicated here. If you are vegan or don’t want to use imitation crab you may use crunchy Nori sheets instead.  And this is more than just a salad; I totally consider it a meal. If you have cooked brown rice that could work as well.




1). Place rice with 3 cups water in a pot. Bring to a boil and cook for 18 minutes. Let cool.

2). Prepare/ precut all veggies.

3). Prepare the spicy mayo by combining mayo, sriracha, soy sauce and lime juice.

4). Arrange rice in a bowl (or two) and randomly arrange all the ingredients on top.

3). When serving, drizzle some soy sauce and spicy mayo (and French fried onions if you wish) and enjoy!




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