Easiest Creamy and Smooth Split Pea Soup

We all need kitchen shortcuts once in a while. I love making this soup on Sundays since I usualy don’t have time to chop onions and grate zucchinis with all the kids running around. Here I took a spin on my other regular split pea soup which comes with a beautiful texture of chopped veggies.  This creamy and smooth split pea soup is extremely healthy as it is full of protein and iron.  It is delicious, creamy, velvety and filling. As always, I make sure to pre-soak my dry peas the night before. But if you don’t have time and still wanna make this soup today I would recommend soaking the peas a bowl with boiled water for one hour or more. The best part is that it makes a great dinner for kids too!!!


1). Drain and rinse the peas very well. Place all the ingredients in a deep pot or pressure cooker, bring to a boil and cook until vegetables are nice and soft. If Using a pressure cooker it takes about 35-40 minutes  max.

2). Very carefully insert an immersion hand blender and blend until everything is smooth and creamy.

3). If needed, adjust water, salt and pepper and serve.



Note: If not using a pressure cooker, this soup can take up to 2 hours. 




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