There are so many options on how to prepare some creative and colorful energy date balls. But today I’m keeping it simple. These energy balls are packed with healthy fats, fiber, proteins, lightly sweetened, and are perfect for a morning snack or on the go. Feel free to add or change some of the ingredients to your liking. 


1). Place the raw nuts in a food processor and blitz until you get a nice crunchy crushed texture. Transfer to a bowl and set aside.

2). Add the pitted dates along with the oats and flax seeds.

3). Blend for a minute or two.

4). Add the maple syrup and the vanilla extract and give it one more blitz. The texture should be formed and sticky!

5). Now before you add the "dough" to the crushed nuts, transfer a handful or so from the nuts to a separate bowl so we can roll the balls into it later.

6). Now combine the date mixture with the nuts and add ½ cup of tahini or any other nut paste that you love.

( I love using gloves because the dough doesn’t stick to my hands and cleaning becomes much easier, if needed, dip your hands into a small bowl of water).

7). Once the balls are formed,  roll them into the reserved crushed nut bowl and place them in a container. 

8). Freeze up to one month, or, keep in the fridge up to 10 days. 
















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