Avoid Store-Bought Oil Spray and Be in Control of Your Oil Intake

Avoid store-bought oil spray

Make it on your own!


Today almost every household is trying to watch the oil intake in their food. The spray seems to be very helpful in this case.

From some reason though,  I’ve never connected with the regular oil spray bottles from the store.  They are foamy, and many times smells weird (I wonder why…).

It was a couple of years ago when I was shopping for something in Bed Bath and Beyond and I came across these very cute hairspray bottles that cost only $1.49!!!



Without thinking twice I grabbed a few of them… (for this price!!!)



Now I wanted to know how well they spray if they would be good for oil which is thicker and heavier than just simple water. So I was experimenting.. which is something I love doing all the time!


And yes! I was so amazed by the results!



My oil bottle sprays like never before!!! Better than ANY store- bought one! So easy to use. It gives a nice wide and even coating to your food.

It gives you the option not only to decide which kind of oil to put in these bottles but also to control how much of it to spray. I absolutely love it.  Say goodbye to store bought oil sprays and make it your own.

(You’ll need to adjust the head and spray few times before you get the right wide open spray coating on your food)



You may try other brands, but this one works best for me.

I hope you find this post helpful!




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  1. Thanks for good tips using water spray bottle with oil.

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