10 Must-Have Kitchen Tools To Make Your Life Practical & Easier

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10 Must-Have Tools

To Make Your Life Practical & Easier In Kitchen


As someone who spends hours in the kitchen each day, practicality is KEY! I’m not really a minimalist (yet),  but I  learned that sometimes less is really more.  High-quality kitchen products are basically a life changer. They make the whole experience faster, more fun, easier, and practical.  I used to have everything from everything. But as a busy mom I now know, that one GOOD product will do the job exactly as I need. So here are my top 10 kitchen must-haves. 


1). Kitchen Timer!

I can not stress it enough how valuable kitchen timers are!

As a busy mom, food is being cooked on my stove or oven all day long. How easy is that to forget your pasta in the water??? With this practical kitchen timer, you can manage your time while your food is being warmed up for dinner, or if you are cooking up a storm and don’t remember when to turn your rice off. You can place it in your pocket while showering the kids or if you are not around the kitchen.




2). Stick Hand Blender

We’re all familiar with the good old stand blender. But many times I feel like blending up a pot of soup is much safer and practical when using a hand blender! It is very important to use a metal one as the cheap plastic ones are not safe in high heat. Also, clean up is much easier. The stick washes in seconds and a dishwasher safe. For me, it is a must-have.



3). Aluminum Baking Sheets

These are probably the pans I can not live without in my kitchen!

I love the variety of sizes they come with. The heat distributes evenly, plenty of room for one layer,  easy to clean and so so practical. I know many people like disposable pans, but the results of cooking are completely different. When using a real metal the heat penetrates evenly and allows the food to get the golden color we all love.



4). Colanders

My colanders are a lifesaver for me. I find it so useful that they come in 3 different sizes for different kinds of food I’m dealing with at the same time. My lettuce leaves dry out so fast and it is perfect for hot or cold ingredients. I find that this brand is a great quality compared to other colanders I’ve used in the past. You can even strain rice or quinoa and they won’t wash away with the water.



5). Microplane Zester

I started using this zester about 2 years ago and I don’t know why it took me soo long to get one. My life has literally changed.  My food is so much brighter and tastier, packed with flavors when using the zester.




6). Vegetable Peeler

There are many peelers out there. But this one is by far the one that has stayed with me for years and years now. Really high quality and very durable.



7). Indoor Cast Iron Grill

For me food presentation is key. Seeing grill marks on my food make me happy. This wonderful griddle is so easy and practical to use and it does a beautiful job cooking the food evenly.




8). Olive Oil Spray 

I don’t remember when was the last time I used store-bought oil spray. It is one of the things I have a hard time believing that the oil inside is legit. That is why filling and refilling my oil buttle sprayer is a life changer for me. This glass and stainless still is not only a great quality product, but it also a beautiful piece to have on your countertops!


9). Fine Mesh Strainer

How many times did you wash your rice or quinoa and half of it was gone through your strainer? These fine strainers are a must-have in my kitchen. They are also perfect when sifting flours in your bakings. Easy to clean and comes in 3 perfect sizes.




10).  Silicone Spatula


When you need to get all the butter out of the bowl only a silicon spatula will do the job. These beautiful spatulas are so fun to have in the kitchen. Easy cleaning, no wasting of food and really good quality.

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